If you ever spent any time maintaining an Open Source project, you will have noticed that most of the feedback you get take the form of issues, bug reports, or questions.

And that's great, it means people are using the project and would like to continue using it. But sometimes you'd like to hear what people think first hand about it, how they use it, and how your work has impacted their lives.

That's why I wrote shoutouts.dev.

What about trolling?

Any time you have users posting about other users there's a risk of abuse. It's not an easy problem to solve but shoutouts.dev has some strict rules and practices in place that I hope will prevent it, and it all starts with accountability.

  1. 1. Only users whose provider (GitHub for now) account is older than 3 months are allowed to post shoutouts.
  2. 2. Owners of projects can flag shoutouts. One flagged shoutout will prevent the user from posting more shoutouts to any of the owner's other projects.
  3. 3. If more than three owners flag shoutouts from the same user, they will be banned from ever posting more shoutouts.

These rules may vary over time depending on their success, but it is my hope that will make shoutouts.dev "good vibes only" site.

Why only GitHub repos?

Dev time mostly, but also because GitHub is quite dominant in the Open Source space at the moment. Don't worry though, adding support for other providers is definitely in the cards.

How do I add my project's badge to the README?

Easy, just add the following to your README file:


What did you use to build shoutouts.dev?

The site is written in Elixir using the Phoenix Framework. The frontend is built with Tailwind CSS and Stimulus but most interactivity comes from Phoenix LiveView.

Neat! How can I help?

I'm glad you like it! There's several ways:

  • Leave a shoutout for the project, obvs.
  • Buy me a coffee (although I'll probably use the money to pay for hosting).
  • If you're into Elixir and want to help out, check out the site's GitHub repo, any help is appreciated.
  • Register your projects, leave shoutouts, and tell others about it. Spread the good vibes!